Wednesday, 12th of May 2021 - How Would this day be for you ?
Nearly anything goes today while the urgency of your feelings pushes you closer to a breaking point. You might believe that unnecessary rules of etiquette are restraining your desires, making you feel more impulsive about expressing what you want. Experimenting with new dance steps is exhilarating as long as you don't completely ignore the rhythm of the music. Step outside of the box now, but make sure you can find your way back home. A touch of moderation ultimately saves you from yourself.
You Bulls have a long-standing reputation of being overly stubborn once you have made up your minds. Fortunately, you can prove everyone wrong now by demonstrating how flexible and innovative you can be as your key planet Venus flirts with unpredictable Uranus. You have a twinkle of anticipation in your eye and can't help but smile as you wait for something wonderful to happen. Even if you rely on your common sense, you're primed for fun and adventure. Don't let others limit your individual expression; bring a playful attitude to all that you do. Spontaneity is your ticket to happiness.
You can change your mind about your likes and dislikes faster than any other sign because you tend to be less fixed in your preferences. You're naturally attracted to new experiences and this curiosity is magnified now as you are eager to try almost anything if it appears to be a worthy distraction. Although your heightened sense of reckless abandon suggests the need to be on high alert, it can also lead to delightful social interactions if you're willing to take a risk. The philosopher Camus wrote, "Always go too far because that's where you'll find the truth."
In your own quiet way, you are desperately seeking the lightning now. You're tired of the same-old routine and there's an irrepressible streak within you that is ready to strike. Even if this means doing something out of the ordinary, you'll still take your actions quite seriously. On one hand, the cosmically charged atmosphere is ripe for an unconventional romance. On the other hand, you have a strong inner voice cautioning you against doing anything you might regret later. Sometimes the consequences are worth it when you're following your bliss.
You can feel the electricity in the air -- the kind that makes your hairs stand on end. Thankfully, it's not fear that you are experiencing now; rather, it's the anticipation of what might come next. Unorthodox Uranus is harmonizing with sweet Venus in your sign, amplifying your attraction to life on the edge. Don't be your own greatest obstacle to happiness. Even if you go further than you expected, you'll be back soon enough with a memorable tale to tell. You only live once.
Letting go is often challenging because your practical side usually gives you an anchor to tether you to solid ground. Additionally, you well-prepared Virgos usually have a backup plan in case your original one should fail. However, you might benefit from temporarily cutting yourself free now and feeling the exhilaration of zero gravity. Your common sense will reappear just in time to save you from drifting off into deep space.
What would it be like if you could forget about all your responsibilities and take out all your favorite toys, instead? You might not have the luxury of running out on your obligations, but you can make time for creative play today, even if it's not what others expect from you. Indulge your own unique self-expression, whether you use a musical instrument, crayons, a camera or your computer. A wild and crazy part of you has been itching to be heard and now is your chance to make it happen. Shine, baby, shine!
Your desire to express your individuality today is in direct conflict with your need for emotional or financial security. Fortunately, the potential for healing is great now, but it may require extra effort on your part to move past your own fear of change. There is a narrow window of opportunity as your anticipation of a breakthrough is greater than your hesitancy. Push on through to the other side while the cosmic vibes are giving you the perfect opportunity to evolve.
The stress in your relationships eases today if you have the confidence to bring out your own bag of tricks. However, these are not sleight-of-hand manipulations of a stage magician. Rather, they are the psychological tools and interpersonal communication skills that you have honed over the years. Nevertheless, just like a modern-day wizard, it's up to you to produce fun diversions from the more serious issues of life. Creating a buzz while you can is just a catalyst for the much-needed changes yet to come.
Your inner host or hostess springs to life today as you strive to add some excitement into the lives of your friends and associates. It's obvious where the energy has grown stagnant and you know how to generate a few well-formed waves for others to ride. Thankfully, your brilliant actions shake up the dynamics and wake the sleeping potential of the moment. You derive a special kind of satisfaction when you use your powers of influence for the good of all.
Paradoxically, there's just the right amount of craziness in your daily life to make you feel sane. A recent lull has you craving an adrenaline rush and you're ready for some action to spice up your boring routine. The lightning is striking and the brilliant flash allows you to clearly see your ideal future. Satisfaction is within reach today if you have the courage to make your move, especially when it comes to relationships. There's no better moment than the present to follow your heart.
The creature comforts and emotional security you normally need are temporarily put on the back burner today. Instead of playing it safe, you have a cosmic permission slip to be outrageous now and to explore things that you would normally pass by. However, this is not a permanent change of attitude, just a momentary shift in the force. Experiment and have some fun. Dance like no one is watching just because you can.
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