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Rayynor Silva,Raynor Silva Holdings,RaynorSilva,RayynorSilva,Gold FM, Astrology, Palapala, Kendare, Kendraya, Horoscope, Rahu Time, Auspicious Time, Architechture, Wasthu

Tuesday, 25th of April 2017
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All the big ideas in the world aren't a viable substitute for one that actually works. However, the difference between a strategy that succeeds and one that fails might be in the execution rather than in the plan, itself. Following through on your promises is top priority while the conscientious Virgo Sun makes its month-long trek through your 6th House of Duty. Integrity counts; put your lofty dreams on a shelf for a while and attend to the things that matter most.


Your creativity is on the launch pad yet, oddly enough, your self-expression isn't just about you. You don't want to waste energy on touting your talents alone when everyone has a stake in the results. Instead, taking a more egalitarian approach includes other people in your process, especially if their artistic, political or philosophical beliefs support yours. Whether you're gardening, making music or programming the next killer app, your success depends on narrowing your focus and setting the right goals. In order to reach your destination, you must first know which direction you're heading and who wants to come along for the ride.


You may have your heart set on doing something fun with your friends today, only to change your plans at the very last minute. The Sun's shift into your 4th House of Emotional Security is a reminder that you can find plenty of ways to amuse yourself while staying at home. However, setting aside a chunk of time for some serious contemplation might be part of a deeper change of heart. Reconsidering your personal priorities and taking care of your own needs is good medicine for your soul.


You might believe that you can fit a lot more into your day if you carefully make a detailed schedule. Unfortunately, too much planning could backfire on you now if one little change early in the day causes the entire house of cards to tumble down. Nevertheless, you still could make the most of your day if you're willing to let some activities fall to the wayside. Your current happiness is not dependent on external events; it's more about how you respond to those things beyond your control. Flexibility is your friend.


Although you can't escape your regular duties today, you can still find plenty of time to play. You might try to chase a dimming light, afraid you won't be able to reach it before it goes out. But the fun and games aren't over just because the radiant Sun has left your expressive sign for the more restrained realms of Virgo. Don't complain; you can't control the ebb and flow of the cosmic tides any more than you can control the vagaries of your heart. Remember, you're in it for the long haul; pacing yourself now enables you to sustain your energy for the challenges ahead.


These are the days you've been eagerly waiting for as the iridescent Sun embraces generous Jupiter in your sign, illuminating your 1st House of Self. Although you may be giddy with anticipation, it's tough to wrap your brain around the potential changes ahead. Nevertheless, you have a rare opportunity to expand your outlook on life through travel, education or even a relationship. Just be sure to assimilate the lessons in bite-sized amounts. Too much growth all at once will give you indigestion of the soul. You have more time than you think so soak in the knowledge and learn as much as you can.


Taking a break from mundane responsibilities enables you to maximize the Sun's visit to your 12th House of Spiritual Mystery. Instead of initiating new projects, you're wise to tie up loose ends and schedule time for soul-searching rather than running off to find the next big adventure. The good news is that your current endeavors are blessed by hidden helpers, whether they are well-intentioned friends or invisible angels. The universe is offering you assistance, but you must remain open to receiving it. Start with a grateful heart and the rest is magic.


You are loyal to your closest friends and you tend to demand a lot from them while the Sun is shining in your 11th House of Social Networking. Thankfully, others tend to come through for you now as long as you don't carry unrealistic expectations. However, you may be thinking in generalities and must clarify your needs before anyone else can jump in to help. Be as specific as possible when explaining what you want. Paradoxically, the narrower your focus, the greater the rewards.


Your thoughts are shifting to your career objectives as you reevaluate your overall life path. The Sun's month-long presence in your 10th House of Status attracts the attention you crave, gracing you with long overdue recognition. However, don't let your newly found popularity go to your head or you'll end up losing the respect you just earned. Although they're quite easy to confuse, fame and success are two very different beasts. Redefine your goals carefully because this time around you might just get what you want.


Playing the role of the visionary suits you now because your view of the future is ultimately a practical one. Nevertheless, you still can get carried away with the most pragmatic ideas today, blowing them out of proportion until they have no value at all. The best way to put sensible constraints on your agenda is to set aside specific times for free-floating meditation. Letting your mind wander allows you to entertain your desires and still return to solid ground with a clear head and a positive attitude.


Your confidence is on the upswing these days with a flurry of social activities penciled in on your calendar. However, you are uncharacteristically drawn to examine your feelings today, leading you to choose an intimate discussion with a confidant over the chance to engage in a philosophical debate with friends. Luckily, your psychological deep diving will be rewarded as the Sun and bountiful Jupiter dance in your 8th House of Intimacy and Transformation. But there's no going it halfway with your commitment now; you're either all the way in or completely out when it comes to matters of the heart.


Your world view is expanded through your relationships while the Sun warms your 7th House of Companions. It's hard to make a bad judgment call since happy-go-lucky Jupiter is busy blessing all types of partnerships now. Happily, compelling people show up at your doorstep with interesting opportunities in tow. However, the danger in saying yes to every good idea you hear is spreading yourself so thin you fall short in all your endeavors. If you want a different outcome, make a different choice. Listen to your heart and you can't go wrong.