Fourtunate Directions & Rahu Times of the Week
Thursday, 01st of October 2020 - How Would this day be for you ?
It's stressful trying to determine how much to reveal when discussing your current predicament at work. It helps if you have a concrete plan in mind, but you are likely to misjudge the size of the task anyhow. From a practical standpoint, you don't have sufficient time to go back and start over. Instead, keep inching your way forward and do the best you can to cross things off your list. The more you take care of today, the easier your workload will be tomorrow.
You might have assumed that a minimal amount of effort would be enough to accomplish your goals today; however, you quickly realize that it's going to take a lot more work than you expected. Luckily, you don't discourage easily when it comes to matters of importance. If unforeseen difficulties slow you down now, just continue to apply steady pressure to produce the outcome you desire. Some people succeed because they are destined, but most reach the top because they are determined.
It doesn't appear to matter how hard you push yourself today because you are dependent on events outside of your control. Ironically, your most successful strategy is to methodically slow down before someone or something else does it for you. Rather than frustrating yourself trying to overcome the current resistance head on, relax a bit. Let the circumstances dictate your progress now rather than focusing solely on your destination. Go with the flow for the best results.
A recent shift of plans might have been somewhat upsetting, even if it was absolutely necessary. Retrospectively, it's obvious that your response was totally valid. In fact, you continue to make positive changes as you gain new perspectives. It's not a sign of failure if you see something today that wasn't previously apparent. A current obstacle is merely a test to see if you are listening to the feedback the universe is giving you. Your mind is like a parachute; it works only when it's open.
Your unflagging tenacity continues to accelerate your progress in life, but it's useful to stop for a moment to take stock of your past accomplishments. Set aside enough time to reassess your needs and then revise your plans so they reflect your current desires. Don't worry if satisfaction seems beyond your reach today. Do whatever is required now while holding onto the belief that the good times will soon return. Believe it or not, the best is yet to come.
Your eyes are on the horizon and you can't help but dream of the opportunities ahead while the Moon in your sign stirs the winds of dissatisfaction. But prior to making any drastic changes in your life, create a list of what is left to do before you can realistically move on. Finish up as much as possible today, even if your work isn't quite up to your exacting standards. You will feel more relaxed about your current situation as you continue to anticipate something extraordinary in your future.
Your natural instinct to keep everyone happy could be challenged today, especially if you think you can change someone else's feelings. Ironically, the more you push for your idea of peace, the more you end up contributing to the tension. An awkward interaction with a coworker has all the makings of a losing battle now. However, exercising patience while letting go of control is your best strategy for an equitable solution. Lead by example and focus on your work.
You may be feeling uneasy about a subject you don't wish to discuss now, even if you know you should speak up. Nevertheless, you might still attempt to circumnavigate a conversation that could complicate a close relationship. Thankfully, you are able to push past your resistance because you intuitively know that temporarily making a situation worse can ultimately transform a delicate situation into a happy one. A calculated risk could clear the air of secrecy that's been lingering around for too long.
You might have to manage an unexpected crisis with a close friend or relative today, even if your life appears to be running smoothly on the outside. People with the best of intentions may not have a clue that you're upset and the more others say or do now, the worse you feel. However, there's no reason to prevent anyone's self-expression, since that will only raise the frustration level even higher. You don't have to act like everything is sunshine and roses all the time; sharing your concerns makes the weight of the world easier for your shoulders to bear.
You're a champ when it comes to sensible planning and time management. Your unwavering discipline enables you to work long hours to reach your goals. Often, you remember to reserve energy for when you need it, but something is driving you from within now and tempting you to burn all your fuel at once. Nevertheless, throwing caution to the wind is not a good idea since you won't get what you want any faster. Retain some resources to sustain your momentum for the final push down the road.
You might try to slog your way through an obstacle course at work, but you will continue to face the consequences of past foolish actions until you get it right. This is not the best time to explore an unproven shortcut or try any clever maneuvers. Simply apply yourself in a consistent manner, even if you don't seem to be making a lot of progress today. Don't panic; you're accomplishing more than you think and your valuable contribution will garner the respect you deserve.
There are no quick escape routes for you today, so don't waste your time and energy attempting to avoid your work. Nevertheless, taking a few steps back is a smart move because it allows someone else to hold the reins of control for a while. Sharing the heavy burden of leadership lightens your sense of responsibility and can bring you a taste of the freedom you crave. The current changes may not be huge, but even a small, sensible shift positively affects your attitude and improves your productivity.
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