Fourtunate Directions & Rahu Times of the Week
Monday, 23rd of September 2019 - How Would this day be for you ?
There is an obvious conflict between your long-term relationship goals and your present responsibilities. Even if you can visualize a clear path to your ideal future, initiating action may need to be delayed for a while longer. Create a new schedule for the day that empowers you to make the best of the current situation while you're still working out the logistics that involve someone else. Get out of your head and into your heart.
The noise level of your personal drama might be a bit too much for your normally refined tastes. Although you have a low tolerance for tension, you aren't anxious with the current circumstances. You fully realize the potential of this moment won't last, empowering you to discuss your concerns and stick with the conversation. Others will be disappointed if you simply try to satisfy their expectations without pursuing your heart's desires, too. Make sure that your actions are aligned with your feelings and your mind is open to change.
You might feel as if you're bogged down in quicksand today, and the more you try to solve a relationship issue the deeper you sink. You might even succumb to a moment of panic as you unsuccessfully struggle to extract yourself from a delicate situation. Having all the right words at your disposal won't help you now. Instead of attempting to impress others, seek comfort within. Settling into your feelings enables you to sort out what your heart really wants.
Unreasonable demands are stretching your personal resources to the max. Even if you experience resentment rising into awareness, there's no direct way to express your annoyance today. Unfortunately, people may continue to judge you as overly negative if you try to share your frustration. Your best strategy now is to throw yourself into your work and get as much done as possible. The simplest adjustment of your attitude makes a world of difference to your productivity.
You have highly specific ideas about how to perform your chores today and you aren't interested in debating the merits of your choices. Unfortunately, no one will be a winner in a conflict if push comes to shove, even if you really do know what's best for everyone involved. Sharing your perspective isn't enough now; avoid an escalation of emotions by practicing the art of compromise. Acting with a spirit of generosity leads to the most harmonious outcome.
Your mental acuity can be so sharp now that you don't leave very much room for negotiation. Undoubtedly, you are a formidable opponent because your perceptions are irrefutable today. Nevertheless, being correct in your conclusions doesn't give you permission to ignore the opinions of everyone else. Soliciting alternative points of view shows your willingness to cooperate prior to finalizing your plans. The added advantage of this inclusive strategy is you might just learn how to build a better mousetrap in the process.
Your full participation in a discussion with close friends or family members is absolutely mandatory today, so there's no valid excuse to avoid a messy confrontation. Although you have your own biases, you're still capable of rationalizing any point of view. This detached approach enables the disagreeing parties to trust you as an objective and non-threatening mediator. Do whatever you can to be of assistance, but be cognizant that you might not be able to fix the problem now. It's not your fault; the final solution may have to wait until everyone else settles down.
Your intuition is on fire today, but you must be cautious when applying the insight you receive in such a cosmic manner. Unfortunately, you have the power to upset the stability of the group dynamics, making your life more complicated in the process. Your best bet now is to work cooperatively as part of a team and not strike out on your own. Following a hunch is a better idea after you have verified the facts with someone you trust. It never hurts to get a second opinion when it comes to matters of the heart.
You're ready to challenge any authority figure that stands in your way today because you know you're right and are willing to go the extra mile to inspire others. Thankfully, it's less work convincing people to join your cause while your words carry the intensity of the moment. Still, caution is advised since it's a whole lot easier to get in over your head than it is to pull back and retreat to higher ground. Be crystal clear about your objectives before you take the next step; it's better to be safe than sorry.
You might be concerned that your current long-term goals aren't practical enough to present you in the best light. Nevertheless, your perspective is probably warped by old fears more than anything else. Uranus is annoying communicator Mercury, stirring up trouble everywhere you go. There's no need to panic and impulsively take a risk because chances are nothing is as dramatic as it seems. Find your center; leading with your calm determination improves the likelihood of reaching your destination.
Step right up to the plate and start swinging for the fences; it's time to show everyone what you can do when you put your mind to it. Friends and coworkers are depending on you and you certainly don't want to let them down. Setting a positive example for others to follow is the best way to demonstrate your altruistic intentions. Fortunately, hitting a home run surpasses everyone's expectations, enabling you to come through like a real champion.
You want to join in the good times today, but might find it quite challenging to let go of your agenda in order to interact socially. It's difficult to participate because you may feel restrained by the very same people you want to engage. It's healthy to discuss your concerns, but don't dwell on the differences for too long. Ultimately, connecting with others is a whole lot more fun now than isolating yourself from the party. When it comes to your current enjoyment, the more the merrier.
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