Fourtunate Directions & Rahu Times of the Week
Monday, 30th of November 2020 - How Would this day be for you ?
You are highly motivated to find ways to express the colorful images running through your mind today. Nevertheless, your current desire to escape from reality makes it tough to follow through with your chores because you would rather be daydreaming more than anything else. It can be quite complicated to channel this surreal energy when issues from your subconscious float to the surface. Thankfully, quietly attending to your daily chores and fulfilling your obligations first frees you up to explore your imagination later on. Work now, wander in wonderland later.
Many things about your life appear differently to your friends than they do to you. Paradoxically, the more you attempt to reveal the true depth of your feelings today, the more you confuse everyone else. Fortunately, if you can rise above your need to set the record straight, you could be quite an inspiration to others. Ultimately, it's more rewarding to cooperate with your cohorts now than it is to be right. Choose harmony over discord if given the chance.
Your foggy brain may cloud your thinking today, but you can make the most of your creative buzz anyhow, if you watch out for a few potential pitfalls. You are unusually hypersensitive now with irrational feelings flooding into your thoughts; even your sensory impressions are temporarily overwhelming. Forget about mundane responsibilities like balancing your checkbook or planning the rest of your life. Write poetry, listen to music, and dream about your future, instead.
You secretly harbor fantasies of breaking loose and doing something entirely out of the box. Perhaps it's time to start envisioning your next getaway, especially if you haven't had a real vacation in a while. However, you must balance your dreams with realism now if you want them to come true. Don't be too self-critical if you can't figure out the logistics. Let your vision grow unencumbered by facts today; there will be time later on to color in all the details.
You may be misled today by someone you trust. Although no one is out to purposefully trick you, others can inadvertently create confusion if they don't verify all their facts. Additionally, your logic is blurred by your own fantasies, whether they are about fame or fortune. Don't be distracted by unrealistic goals now that you have important business to handle. Forget about petty ego concerns and concentrate on the most practical matters on your plate.
Your analytical thinking may not be as sharp as you prefer while your ruling planet Mercury opposes nebulous Neptune. In fact, reality could be slightly beyond your grasp today with your mind working overtime in the realms of fantasy. Fortunately, your excursions into the dreamworld can be quite productive as long as you remember the difference between fact and fiction. Let your imagination feed your future.
A vivid daydream may be so convincing that you almost believe it's true. Unfortunately, your logic isn't trustworthy now because your thinking is more subjective than you might realize. Instead of making an important decision at work today, consider all the possibilities without picking a favorite scenario. The current antidote is to do something enjoyable that gets you out of your head and into your body. Wait until tomorrow to return to the real work of setting priorities and planning your future.
Your romantic landscape may seem quite cloudy today and fraught with traps of misunderstanding. It's up to you to be clear in all your communications, without necessarily being overly demanding about your needs. You could even fall in love with something or someone if you let your guard down. Tread carefully; it's probably safer to seek pleasure through creative pursuits now than from relationships because nothing is quite as it seems. Follow your bliss but don't sign any contracts.
You carry an air of spontaneity about you and your cheerful confidence, combined with your idealism, attracts compelling people into your life. Nevertheless, it's still hard to find an adventurous companion who shares your overall outlook on life. It's perfectly acceptable to say no to someone's generous offer. Limiting your options allows you to accomplish more in the long run. Dare to do things you never thought possible in your wildest dreams
It's disconcerting if you can't complete all your work on schedule. You have your sights aimed high, but you might be so unrealistic in your thinking now that you end up falling short of your mark. You want to feel free enough to follow your dreams but could grow disheartened if you think you need to be more practical in your approach. Don't rush; accept the notion that things will take longer than you prefer. Keep your hopes alive while moving forward slowly in the real world. Patience is a virtue to strive for today if you want true peace of mind.
You may have some explaining to do about your radical approach to life, but you sound less and less convincing as you ramble on. Even if you don't intend on saying anything at all today, you still might be enticed into spilling all the beans before you know it. Unfortunately, your words can't paint the picture that you see in your mind's eye now, so craft your message carefully, make your point succinctly and then stop talking while you're ahead.
You're holding your unfulfilled dreams very close to the surface today while trying to keep up appearances so others aren't aware of your inner turbulence. Although your guarded behavior is actually an effective coping mechanism while on the job, you might inadvertently send out mixed messages. Practical analysis may be beyond your reach now, so don't try to hide behind emotionally detached logic. Surrounding yourself with supportive friends allows you the luxury of just being you.
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