Fourtunate Directions & Rahu Times of the Week
Sunday, 19th of January 2020 - How Would this day be for you ?
There are more choices than you see at first glance as you encounter an unexpected roadblock on your path. Naturally, you can run directly into the trouble, attempting to power your way through it. The good news is you appear like a superhero if this impulsive tactic works. But a headstrong attack could be foolhardy today and only lead to greater frustration. Other options manifest once you stop to understand the lessons of the current situation. Luckily, everything can magically fall into place when you finally recognize the truth that you're the only thing standing in your way.
Emotions that rise to the surface now are doing so for a good reason although the logic may not be apparent to you right away. You are wise to wait a bit longer before making any significant decisions that involve others because current relationship dynamics are still in flux. Instead of focusing on any delays or setbacks today, remember that expressing your feelings invokes the magical power to change everything in the twinkling of an eye. An honest conversation about your concerns just might lead to the brilliant solution you seek.
Although your current workload might seem overwhelming, nearly anything is possible once you set a goal and put your mind to it. Paradoxically, the unresolved feelings that may be holding you back also contain the seeds for your next growth spurt. If a coworker seems to be a part of the problem, it's time to address the issue. This is no time to walk away in defeat, even if your confidence is flagging. Today's discussions set the stage for tomorrow's transformations.
You may believe someone is being too critical of your work style while Saturn the Taskmaster is raining on your parade. Nevertheless, you have a rare opportunity to express your creativity with more clarity now. It's crucial to remain optimistic about your options because facing a challenge or a delay doesn't mean you should give up. Instead, stabilize your position by strengthening your plans and making adjustments as you go along. Ultimately, others can't rattle your cage if you believe in yourself.
You are being tested today, and how you respond to the current emotional pressure has direct consequences in the future. However, complicated relationship dynamics or demanding work schedules are merely temporary detours. Be careful, if you're moving too fast, an unexpected speed bump might cause serious damage. Luckily, most trouble can be averted if you see the obstacles in advance. Take your cues from the ongoing feedback that reality offers and plan your course accordingly. Observing the rules of the road increases your chances for success.
Although you are tempted to throw caution to the wind now, a friend will have enough sense to remind you about your priorities. In the long run, it's insignificant if some things aren't going exactly as you wish because you can make choices today that keep you on your chosen path. Practicing flexibility is currently more important than striving for sustainability. If you can conjure up an image of your goal in your mind's eye, it has a solid chance of becoming real. Having unwavering faith in your decisions is the first step to reaching your goals.
All of the observable signs seem to indicate you're on the right track. Nevertheless, you are still facing conflict because others seem to have different expectations for your life. Or, perhaps, friends are causing you stress by acting recklessly instead of fulfilling their responsibilities. No matter what dilemmas you face now, keeping your eyes on the prize while rolling with the changes will help see you through the present turmoil. Putting your life in proper perspective is easier when your sense of humor is close at hand.
Your mind continues to probe for the truth today, but you might feel thwarted by reality every which way you turn. Thankfully, your thinking process is grounded while your instincts encourage you to develop your vision of an ideal future. However, your basic material needs and sensual desires may be the source of drama. First, you must make some adjustments as your goals transform along with the current circumstances. It isn't the right time to change everything all at once, but fine-tuning your daily routine is certainly in order if you want to take your life to the next level.
Success is in the air but it doesn't come without its own share of complications today. Although you may not be able to eliminate all the chaos, you're tempted to step around a potential problem to get to the good stuff. Unfortunately, taking a less confrontational route won't necessarily save time or expenses in the long run. Any issue that surfaces now is here for a reason; you can move on at a faster pace once you learn this valuable lesson the universe is trying to teach you.
Your nemesis may appear in the form of a contradictory idea, a strong-willed person or an immovable set of circumstances. In any event, you're up for the challenge today. Still, you must examine your own weaknesses first while the willful Sun squares your key planet Saturn. Nevertheless, judging yourself too harshly does more harm than good, especially if someone else is criticizing your efforts, too. Dwelling on your shortcomings doesn't help the situation. Get busy; you are a work in progress with no time to waste.
Paradoxically, the quicker you accept your current limitations, the faster you can break free from the restraints. Your current lesson is about working within the rules, rather than fighting against the inevitable. There are times to push the edges of the envelope, and there are times to exercise self-control to maintain the status quo. Instead of trying to decide which approach to take, just commit to being real. With a little bit of luck, the insurmountable problems you face today will seem a whole lot less complicated tomorrow.
You love swimming in open waters where there are no boundaries in sight. But today you run into walls that prevent you from reaching the finish line. Instead of worrying about the distance between you and your goals, step back and refocus on your most pressing responsibilities. Once you have reshuffled your priorities to match your life, it will be easier to work within the defined limits of the game.
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