Fourtunate Directions & Rahu Times of the Week
Wednesday, 20th of February 2019 - How Would this day be for you ?
Curbing your enthusiasm sounds like a smart strategy today, but your excitement will probably overtake your common sense. Naturally, it's not wise to express everything you feel because some desires are better kept to yourself. You could stir up a hornet's nest if you broadcast your needs to everyone before reassessing the ramifications of your actions. Luckily, you still may be able to stretch the envelope as long as you stay aware of the larger circumstances and don't push your luck too far.
It's highly tempting when an unexpected event offers you the good fortune to participate in a mind-blowing activity. However, you're still likely to honor previous commitments and exhibit some self-restraint. Thankfully, you should be able to play both sides of the game and embark on the adventure as long as it doesn't upset family dynamics at home. Recent experiences increase your wisdom, but the window of opportunity to walk on the edge is closing. If you don't act quickly, you could lose this chance forever.
Ironically, a fortuitous twist to today's events can add to your concerns about your future, but there's no need to worry if you remain flexible about your current plans. Although it might feel as if you are at an impasse, the transition you have been dreaming about could occur without much resistance now. Your life is on the upswing, even it's not unfolding according to your timetable. Don't waste precious time reanalyzing your options; show your courage and take a giant leap of faith.
Your current fascination with being different reveals a surprising side of your personality. You may not be interested in the opinions of others now, so unsolicited advice won't have much impact on your current choices. This is the opportunity you've been anticipating; go ahead and act like the nonconformist you secretly want to be -- even if it's just for a day. The emotional satisfaction you earn is priceless and worth every penny.
If you can't be the leader of your pack, you'll likely want to leave it and head out on your own. In any event, the same old routine is not appealing to you as the willful Sun in your sign syncs up with rebellious Uranus. Be insistent about your independence if you want to shake things up. Fortunately, if you share your plans with those you trust, you might be pleasantly surprised by their support. It's better to have allies in your corner, even if you ultimately need to travel your path alone.
You're wary of relying on others because you're afraid someone might do a disappearing act just as things get serious. Ultimately, the apparent instability of those around you may be a reflection of your unwillingness to participate in an unhealthy relationship. But you don't have to convince anyone to do your bidding now. It's your turn to star in your story instead of waiting for anyone else to steal the show. Shine, baby, shine.
Sticking to your schedule isn't so simple today because unforeseen events make it nearly impossible to carry on with your original plans. Nevertheless, there's no reason to be agitated by things you cannot control. Let a few lower-priority projects slip for a day or two. Putting the pieces back together in a more constructive manner will be easier once you break the routine. Don't resist change now; there's a treasure to be found in the chaos if you're willing to experience it head on.
Sometimes innovation requires hard work, yet inspiration seems to strike today without much effort on your part. Positive change is in the air, so stop trying to manage your life with worn-out rules. However, your plans might fall apart if you assume a laissez-faire attitude. Revise your playbook for the day and you'll gain the edge you need. Instead of just focusing on your own ambition, work out a strategy that's beneficial to everyone. Your progressive ideas and unconventional tactics can rock everyone's world.
There is a wide gulf between your need for emotional security and your craving for a new adventure. Your plans are being stress-tested by an anything-goes trine from wild Uranus to the brilliant Sun in your 9th House of Big Ideas. Unfortunately, your overconfidence might entice you to gamble foolishly on something that's not that important in the long run. Being a creative visionary is admirable, but not if you jeopardize your recent progress. Taking a calculated risk is worth it only if you consider all the variables first.
A cosmic wake-up call rings through on all your digital devices today, reminding you to include others in your latest plans as electric Uranus trines the Sun in your 8th House of Shared Investments. Go ahead and reveal your best ideas -- even if they aren't ready for prime time yet -- with a possible partner. Someone who respects your integrity will see the positive potential in your thinking and will likely jump in to join your endeavors. The more the merrier; the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
Somehow you can get away with the craziest of ideas today. In fact, you're quite skilled at taking an ingenious concept to a whole new level now. Your coworkers may urge you to put your thoughts into action, even if they want you to modify some details of your plan first. This is dangerous territory because accommodating someone else's concerns could actually weaken your strategy. But walking away might be a bigger mistake. Retreat just long enough to alleviate the tension, take a few deep breaths and try again. Don't let anyone else steal your thunder
The atmosphere is crackling with excitement and your life is buzzing with surprises; however, you might not be so amused with the current uncertainty. You have had your share of unexpected detours lately, and you're not looking for any more delays now. Luckily, your resiliency empowers you to improve your plan and achieve a successful launch. Be daring in your thinking and persistent in your execution. Practice makes perfect.
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