Fourtunate Directions & Rahu Times of the Week
Thursday, 23rd of May 2019 - How Would this day be for you ?
You can't help but express what's in your heart today, but it's crucial to also make time to bask in the appreciation of your peers. Today's outgoing Leo New Moon in your 5th House of Fun and Games is your ticket to the party, especially if you already have something special on your calendar. You know the best way to turn work into play and might try to bring others along on your little joyride. However, you don't have to lead the parade if you secretly prefer to march to your own drummer; in fact, everyone admires you most when you remain true to yourself.
You may be quite content tending your garden or beautifying your living space while the Leo New Moon activates your 4th House of Roots. Nevertheless, you're longing for something more in your life and have one eye on the distant horizon. Happily, your common sense reigns supreme, reminding you of the importance of what's currently on your plate. Put away your suitcase; you don't need to chase a dream to the other side of the world now when the sweetest experiences are close to home.
You have so much to do today with the Leo New Moon stimulating your 3rd House of Immediate Environment that you don't know where to begin. But there's no reason to make a fuss about your accomplishments at work, even if you're hoping others will stand up and take notice. Your coworkers could actually impede your progress by placing demands on your time if you draw unnecessary attention to yourself. Fortunately, you can outsmart reality and lay low for a bit so you can focus on moving forward with your plans instead of being distracted by everyone else's expectations.
You can prevent a problem before it even happens by taking strategic action right away. The Leo New Moon aligns with valuable Venus in your 2nd House of Money today, emphasizing the importance of how you handle a financial matter. If you miss your window of opportunity, a manageable situation might grow out of hand and lead to more complications than solutions. Luckily, an unexpected windfall could sweeten your life and bring much-needed relief if you don't fritter away your resources. Capitalize on your current abundance by saving for a rainy day.
There's no need to wait for something exciting to happen because the New Moon in your sign is a harbinger of important changes that are already beginning to manifest in your life. Nevertheless, it's still advantageous to add new activities to your schedule that bring out the best in you. But don't do too much too fast since turning your life inside out isn't necessary. Proceeding deliberately is advised as long as you start the ball rolling today, while the energy still feels fresh.
You may be brimming with creativity today, but it's wise to let your ideas marinate in your imagination as long as you can. Although chatty Mercury is in your sign now, the Leo New Moon falls in your 12th House of Invisibility, making you hesitant to talk about your plans. You might be secretly afraid no one will care about your opinion, but your brilliance shines through anyhow. Don't waste your energy trying to hide your light; paradoxically, the more you shine, the brighter your light.
Finding middle ground is tricky today as you weigh your sweetest dreams against your more practical concerns. It might even feel as if you can't miss your mark while the Leo New Moon highlights your 11th House of Long-Term Goals. It's nearly impossible to say no to an attractive offer with charming Venus in the picture. However free you might be in your mind, you also must address your mundane responsibilities. Thankfully, meeting your obligations allows you to entertain your colorful visions of the future without falling back into a rut of safety.
Everyone can see your commitment to your career and how passionate you are about achieving success as the proud Leo New Moon emphasizes your 10th House of Public Life. Luckily, you don't have to do anything differently now; your natural determination and unrelenting work ethic will impress your peers the most. Nevertheless, you may still be uncertain about your next move although you have specific objectives in mind. Concentrate on your destination now without worrying about the details; what you set in motion today sets the tone for the next couple of weeks.
Your dreams of escaping the boring routine of daily life run amok as the bold Leo New Moon empowers your 9th House of Faraway Places. Naturally, you're no stranger to these adventurous fantasies but a quick weekend getaway won't be enough to satiate your globetrotting desires. Fortunately, you don't have to be frustrated by your inability to cut ties completely. Aim your thoughts high and visualize the journey of a lifetime. In your mind you are free to go anywhere, and you never know what might come true in the future.
A stressful relationship issue might require your immediate attention, but there's no reason to fret if you're willing to show up and do your part. In fact, the expressive Leo New Moon's presence in your 8th House of Regeneration offers you a sweet opportunity to morph a difficult situation into a magical one. You can set things right by re-framing the entire dynamic into one of potential growth, but you must explore emotionally charged issues in the process. Altering your perspective not only reduces your resistance today, it also has the possibility to transform your life.
Fresh currents of cosmic energy could quickly reinvigorate a stagnant relationship now or even heat up a new one as the big-hearted Leo New Moon inspires your 7th House of Partners. However, you won't be satisfied with a quick fix because you are motivated to redefine your life to increase your sense of freedom. Go ahead and reach for the impossible because it might actually be attainable at this time. Take your best shot, but don't be too self-judgmental if you miss your mark. If you don't at first succeed, try, try again.
Simply showing up with a smile to do your chores might be half the battle today while the Leo New Moon occurs in your 6th House of Routine. You might wish you could pull up the covers and sleep in, but it's a much better strategy to jump out of bed and demonstrate what you are capable of accomplishing now. Paradoxically, grabbing the spotlight won't gain you the recognition you seek. Happily, working quietly on the sidelines improves your status because those who matter will appreciate your contribution and positive attitude.
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