Fourtunate Directions & Rahu Times of the Week
Wednesday, 27th of March 2019 - How Would this day be for you ?
Although your day begins with high expectations, a series of unsettling events can hijack your agenda and diminish your productivity. Fortunately, you're able to prevent a downward spiral by concentrating on fulfilling your obligations rather than getting entangled in dramas that don't directly concern you. Surprisingly, you don't have to fix everything that seems to go wrong. Problems should being to resolve once the Moon enters lighthearted Sagittarius later in the day and everyone starts to take themselves a little less seriously.
Yesterday's annoying interference from others feels more like well-intentioned help today. However, a confrontation may be necessary to turn an adversary into an ally who is willing to stand up on your behalf. Be honest to a fault now; complications will only resurface if your long-term goals aren't compatible. Taking the necessary time to compare notes about your individual destinations keeps you on the same page, preventing anyone from experiencing disappointment down the road. Clear communication leads to shared success.
There are so many details to track that you must remain on your toes and do your best to keep your eye on the ball. Unfortunately, a restrictive Moon-Saturn conjunction suppresses your desire to juggle so many seemingly insignificant things today. However, your lack of attention to the minutiae makes them all the more important if your overall plan begins to unravel. Taking a shortcut could be costly, leaving you even further away from your goal. A quick reassessment of your strengths and weaknesses will get you back in the game, stronger than ever.
Attempting to draw a definitive line between the objective facts and your subjective feelings can be a challenging task today. Fuzzy Neptune casts a magic spell on you now that tricks you into believing the opposite of what's going on. Fortunately, your confusion dissipates when you recognize the temporarily imbalanced relationship between your head and your heart. Paradoxically, peace of mind is yours once you accept things the way they are.
Although you have a specific goal in mind, the route to satisfaction appears to be shrouded in fog. You might feel compelled to float in your own uncertainty today until you realize that it's best to let go of your previous assumptions. But just when you're ready to loosen the reins, the clouds of illusion return to diminish your visibility and increase your self-doubt. Don't lose hope when you have come so far; the Moon's shift into optimistic Sagittarius gives you the courage to move forward with confidence.
You are more apt to make a snap decision based on your gut feelings today as the watery Moon swims in the deep end with authoritative Saturn. But fully acknowledging your emotions is nearly impossible while nebulous Neptune is lurking around the edges of your awareness, creating a trepidation of the unknown. Hunker down and wait for your clarity to reemerge before doing something you might regret. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.
You can easily convince yourself that nearly anything is true today, but you are wise enough not to share your experiences until later in the day. However, you may not know when to stop talking because your judgment isn't very sharp now. You're likely to get into more trouble for what you reveal than for what you leave unsaid. The less you say, the better. Wearing a mysterious smile creates space for you to indulge your fantasies.
Relying on your imagination to make a big decision isn't the simplest path to follow. In fact, others may criticize your irrational approach and suggest you pay closer attention to the facts. However, you're in the serious process of reinventing yourself and have very little patience for anyone else's expectations. Even if you reconsider your current choice tomorrow, it's still wise to follow your heart today.
Handling unfinished business during the day allows you to ride the new cycle of events that begins when the Moon returns to your sign this afternoon. In the meantime, you must act responsibly by temporarily setting aside your dreams while you manage more practical matters. Don't be concerned if you're bored with the humdrum of your daily routine, since it won't last much longer. Practice patience; you will be free to fly soon enough.
You love the idea of exploring your fantasies today, but you hate wasting all that time being unproductive. Unfortunately, you Goats often have such a strong connection with the mundane world that it's difficult to set it aside for a flight into your imagination. Nevertheless, you can cleverly employ a bit of word magic to justify guilt-free dream chasing. Rather than escaping, just call it "strategic planning" and put it on your calendar. Traveling into the realm of idealistic possibilities is extremely constructive if you remember that thought creates reality.
You might not understand other people's actions today because they are on a different trajectory than you. They seem to be acting selfishly and don't appear to care about your feelings. Although you may be angry at first, compassionate Neptune is in the picture, reminding you that there is a higher path to follow. When you place yourself in someone else's shoes, you can see things from an entirely new perspective. Don't miss this chance to raise the vibration level by practicing forgiveness that comes from the heart, not just from the head.
You want to take control of your day by making a schedule and keeping everything on track. However, your key planet Neptune is playing games with macho Mars today, muddying your intentions and confusing those around you. Although your friends and family might encourage you to do more, you may end up scattering your energy if you listen to their advice. Jumping to conclusions won't work in your favor now; leave the bigger decisions for another day and honor your creative pursuits, instead.
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